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As experts in all facets of endodontic therapy, we are dedicated to providing the specialized services and procedures you need. Our combination of technology, experience, and highly trained staff can help keep your smile healthy, beautiful, and pain-free.

Initial Root Canal

Initial root canal therapy is a procedure that relieves your pain and helps you save your natural tooth by getting rid of inflamed nerve tissue and bacteria in your root canal spaces.

Root Canal Retreatment

As occasionally happens with any dental or medical procedure, a tooth may not heal completely or may become infected again. Many teeth that become reinfected can be successfully retreated, allowing you to keep your natural tooth.

Apicoectomy: Root-end Surgery

In some cases, root-end surgery is recommended to help get rid if reinfection around the end of your root. Using 3D imaging and specialized surgical skills, root-end surgery typically has a high rate of success.

Internal Bleaching

Sometimes, previous infection or tooth decay can leave your teeth stained on the inside. With internal bleaching, these stains can be bleached away, allowing your tooth to brighten considerably.

Traumatic Injuries

Traumatic tooth injuries can be painful and leave the nerve dead inside your tooth. We can help manage tooth trauma by placing flexible splints, and when necessary, helping prevent abscess formation through careful follow-up and root canal intervention.

Regenerative Endodontics

In many cases, when a young or under-developed tooth undergoes nerve death, the root will not fully form. Regenerative endodontics can help roots continue to form after the nerve has died, making the tooth stronger, longer lasting, and less susceptible to fracture.

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